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    Ghost Finder 2 - Lore


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    Ghost Finder 2 - Lore

    Post by Darkblizzard960 on 5/8/2017, 10:57 pm

    The Ghost. A folktale proven true by Zion Corp. It knows not more than a title and has existed ever since the unauthorized experiment. From even their youth, the Original Catchers claimed The Ghost was unable to be defeated nor slain. As centuries have passed, the phantom has continued to roam and haunt the lands surrounding Zion Corp laboratories. Many speculate The Ghost was a Scientist once, though corrupted into insanity by Zion Corporation's horrific fear experiments. Some believe The Ghost was responsible for the "Misery Event", upon which the tortured patients of Zion Corporation evaporated into thin air only to return, days later, to join the haunting. Others claim the land is cursed by the gods to punish the nearby residents with a personal hell. Regardless, dwindling numbers of the Catchers within the last decade suggest none will ever know the truth of the Ghost and his origins. Even more disturbing, the lights have finally gone out within Zion Corporation's quarters. Whilst it was evident they were losing control of their communications, the last transmissions to come through from the facility were nothing but traumatized, maddening screaming. In an unrecorded year, an expedition of the last Catchers investigate the facility, determined to finally discover the truth about the haunting's origins despite knowing The Ghost has become more bold and aggressive over the years...

    One of the last transmissions sent from the facility:

    "We don't know what the hell is going on. Nobody knows what is happening. Some of us are becoming insane, trying to kill each other, and the experiments are now heavily detained.... essentially torture. How could we have formed a monster? Zion Corporation has either abandoned our facility or... or fallen. We don't know. We're trapped here. We're trapped inside a laboratory. I think it's a game. I haven't told the others for fear of panic and noise but I'm almost certain. It's a torture chamber. We're all going to be trapped if we aren't saved soon. The remaining security have begun to shut down the facility for a red alert operation. I hope you're receiving this. But I'm almost out of hope. In case of emergency, there's a security pad for an emergency drop-ship evacuation. I don't know if it still works. Even if it does. we can't reach it. One more thing... the panic of others is affecting us. Even now, I can feel fear in my skull. Wish us luck, over and out."

    -Unknown Broadcaster

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