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    Ghost Finder 2 - How To Play


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    Ghost Finder 2 - How To Play

    Post by Darkblizzard960 on 5/8/2017, 10:59 pm

    1. Gather any items you find by killing Lost Souls (Roaming Ghosts).
    2. Work with other players to find The Ghost.
    3. Team up and slay The Ghost.
    4. If Ghost is not found, wait until the Sun Rise.
    5. In the start of the map your attack is disabled for a minute.
    6. Turn Off your Flashlight to increase your speed if The Ghost is after you.
    7. Use your Stimpack to increase your speed temporarily able to escape The Ghost.
    8. The Ghost can become A Catcher.

    The Ghost
    1. Slay the Catchers before Sun Rise.

    Tip: Alarm Bot (Shaped as a Spider) sends out beacons on your radar to notify you of The Ghost. Helps the Catchers.

    Alarm Bot Signals: Green (Functional/No Ghost), Yellow (Damaged, Needs Repair), Red (Ghost is at bot).

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